Until now, parents have had only two choices when it comes to diapers and their resultant mess. Choose fabric diapers, and either do mounds of laundry, much of it unpleasant, or pay exorbitant diaper service fees. Alternately, choose the convenience of disposable diapers but accept the terrible environmental consequences. Soiled Diapers Composting Services provides Calgary and area parents with a new, third way. Take the easy, compact, limited mess of disposable diapers, but handle the waste like a diaper service, with the added benefit of positive environmental consequences! We provide parents with collection and eventual composting of used disposable diapers. The service is comprised of three options: Pick-up, Drop-off, and an All-Inclusive diaper service.

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Once diapers arrive at our collection location, they are stored in a refrigerated facility to inhibit the growth of unwanted pathogens and odours. From there they are transferred to our composting facility, shredded and fed into our sealed, odour-free, composting equipment. Inside the composter, the appropriate ratios of movement, air, and heat are injected to create a pure composting haven. The whole process, from beginning to end, requires 10-12 days. SDC will then convert the output into a ready to use, organic compost that can be used for community restoration projects, roadside rehabilitation, or public park beautification


Disposable diapers result in more than 3.5 million tons of waste in Canadian landfills each year. Alberta has over 350,000 tons of disposable diapers alone. Those diapers require 400+ years in a landfill to decompose. That means that the first ever disposable diaper is still sitting in a landfill, looking nearly identical to when it first entered!

When they finally start their process of degrading, the materials are able to leach out of the landfill, through the soil and contaminate the surrounding ecosystems with pathogens like E-Coli. The non-degradable plastics are left there forever. This is not the legacy any parent wants to leave their child with.

With our processing system, we shred the diapers into a compostable size ideal for decomposition. We produce a sealed, safe, healthy environment where the biologic waste can decompose safely and quickly, without any leaching or contamination. At the end of the cycle, the compost is screened of any remaining plastics, which are sent for further processing and recycling, and the remaining product is usable, moisture absorbent, organic compost, perfect for gardens and public spaces